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November 28, 2022, 10:13:54 pm
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 on: February 28, 2022, 07:35:47 pm 
Started by SimplyPam - Last post by SimplyPam
It's been a really long time since I've posted or visited here for that matter. What's everyone doing these days? I'm working in IT for a mental health non-profit and love my job. My husband Jeff has COPD and is mostly retired. We have three big dogs and a cat that ensure we never run out of fuzzy clothes  Grin

5 grandkids spread out between Vegas and here.

 on: March 18, 2020, 07:12:30 am 
Started by Steve E. - Last post by Steve E.
It has been different weather lately.  No rain during February but here it comes in March.  Today was a good solid rainy day.  Not sure how much, will have to check with the national weather service later.

So anyway, I got out of bed around 0730 this morning to the sound of rainfall.  Morning meds taken it was hit the shower to get all clean.  Then Ginger and I headed for the park for our morning walk.  It was a nice one, even though the rain made it a coolish one.  But I had put on my rubber overshoes before we left the house so no mud collected on my shoes.  Had to use the next to the last car towel to dry off Ginger.  I keep 7 of them behind the front seats just to wipe her off.  Water and muddy paws need to be removed.

Then I decided to check out the parking lots of the stores in town.  WinCo and Cost Co were about 1/2 full...quite a change from two days ago when the lots were overfull with folks parking on the surrounding streets where they were allowed.  The stores those days (all of the grocery stores in town) were filled with shoppers who were panic buying.  As in their carts were loaded with stuff to overflowing.  Like about 6 inches above the rim of their carts.  I heard that Cost Co was the same.  Along with the store parking lots I checked out the fast food joints in the area.  All of them had closed their seating areas and were pretty much just drive-thru.  All for the "flu"... I know, I know, folks are dying from this virus, but so are folks dying from the "ordinary" flu.

Back at home I checked out email and read stuff.  Then Ginger and I headed out for some lunch.  Los Gordos as usual...but not really as usual.  Very small number of folks eating.  The virus has folks staying away from restaurants.  Even in Los Gordos there were changes-chips were only available via take out bags, the salsa bar already had containers filled with the various salsas with closed lids, and no dinner ware.  Now it is paper plates and plastic forks and spoons.  Oh yeah napkin holders were only available at the salsa bar area, no longer one container at each table.  Still great food and good conversation with the employees.

After lunch we headed for our local Barnes and Nobel book store.  I have been wanting a book by David Weber for awhile and thought they might have it in stock.  That is if they would be open.  They were but no book, looks like I will be visiting ABE's Books on-line to find a copy.  Back home we headed.

Time to collect the garbage and put it into the gray cart.  The recycle stuff goes into the blue cart.  I take both carts out to the street.  Start to compose this missive and Kathy arrives home.  We spend some time talking about our days.  Then Kathy gets a phone call from her boss.  Sounds like Cal-Trans is going to do some "quarantine" stuff.  Maybe stay at home stuff, not sure yet as she is still talking.

Supper tonight is leftovers.  Kathy cooked up a pot of beans the other night and we will be polishing them off.  Good stuff.

Then some TV or reading, not sure just which one yet.  Either way...

I swear it don't get no better!

 on: February 12, 2020, 05:06:41 am 
Started by Steve E. - Last post by Steve E.
I came back to continue the saga of Tuesday stuff for me.

Got up around 0700 this morning.  The sun is coming up a bit earlier now so the light wakes me.  Took some morning meds and headed for the shower.  Shower finished and all dressed for the day, Ginger and I headed out for our morning walk.  But first I decided to fill up with gasoline.  I use Chevron so the price for me has been between $3.50 and $3.80 per gallon for regular.  Fuel tank filled we headed for the park.

A bit chilly with a wind blowing so jacket is necessary for me.  The trail we walk lately seems to be used by few folks.  As in not all at once but spread out through out the day.  Makes it kinda nice.  Ginger gets to find plenty of new smells.  Even followed one scent trail for about 50' or so.

Back home we headed.  Kathy will be coming home and leaving her car here for a couple of days while she attends a meeting for work in Sacramento.  So we will be batching it here at home.  While waiting for 1130, or so, to arrive Ginger announces a visitor.  As in she hears someone outside and barks at the door.  At the same time I hear a truck backing up...wait that is in our driveway.  Crap-ola, I think it is the bottled water company.  Look out the front door and sure enough that is who it is.  I wait for the delivery man to walk up and ask him "did we leave an empty out?"  No you did not he replies.  Not too worry I will grab the one we have.  Seems like neither one of us checked the Mount Shasta Water delivery schedule.  Glad we were home to make the exchange.  He most likely would have left the one bottle anyway but better to keep the records easy.

Kathy arrives and after some lunch we load up in the car and head for her office.  She and several co-workers will be heading down.  The have to stay out a ways and the person who was supposed to make hotel reservations did not do it in time.  Kathy's co-worker did it herself.

Back at home I started on the garbage.  Got the cans emptied into the grey cart.  The recycle stuff went into the blue cart.  No green waste this week.  I will be taking both carts out to the street in an hour or so.  Get it done early.  I have left-overs for supper tonight.  Had Chinese food delivered last night.  There will be food for a couple of days yet.

Decided to compose this missive early.  I will do some reading later.  But first I have to clean up my competition pistol.  Then tomorrow take it to a local gunsmith to fix the front sight.  That about wraps up my day for now.  After Kathy calls this evening it will be time for some TV.  Then to bed.

I swear it don't get no better!

 on: January 02, 2020, 05:35:11 am 
Started by Steve E. - Last post by Steve E.
It may be Wednesday, but it is Garbage Day.  Because of the holiday our collection schedule is one day later...so here goes.

Speaking of the Holiday - Happy New Years everyone! Grin

It being New Years Day, I slept in a bit longer than usual.  Like about 0930.  It took me a while to get going so my shower was delayed, like really delayed.  I finished my shower and got dressed about 1115 this morning.  Kathy was walking Ginger so the house was quiet.  We puttered about (wonder where the term "putter about" came from"), with Kathy reading while I checked email, news, and of course facebook.  One of my friends had posted a picture/meme of aoc saying motorcycles should be banned.  Immediately below the picture was a post by someone who had checked with Snopes to find it was a false piece.  Another example of the necessity to check the validity of stuff being passed around on social media.

I have a small presence on fb now.  After my 55 year high school reunion, one of my friends sent me a message about the passing of one of our classmates.  He got that from a group related to our high school.  Said he recommended me but maybe I should use my real name so they would know who it was instead of "WTF".

That took me up to lunch which I had at home.  Kathy had headed over to her mom's to work on some stuff.  I decided it was time to collect the garbage and put it into the gray cart.  The recycle stuff went into the blue cart.  And the green waste was already in the green cart.  I will take the carts out to to the street when I finish here.  Then it was time to work on paying the bills.  For some reason that seems to take me some time.  What with making sure I have the ledger filled for areas that I save for upcoming bills.  Like insurance, taxes, etc.  That way the money is there waiting to be payed out instead of me trying to scrape up the funds when a big bill is due.

I did some reading in one of David Weber's books on the War God series and decided to write a bit here.  Not much going on today.  It is a bit cold outside, like in the low 50's.  Yeah, yeah I know, not like in other parts of the country.  Those folks have my sympathy but still does not make it any warmer for me.

Kathy will get home in a while.  We will be slicing some "pill meat" for Ginger.  We get a roast and slice it thin to wrap around the pills we need to give her.  Did the math and found it to be cheaper than buying the Dog Pill Pocket Treats.  Plus it is plain old raw beef.  We already owned a nice slicer so it is just the cost of the roast.  Buy those on sale at CostCo.  We originally bought to slicer for making our own lunch meat slices from Turkey or Chicken.  Also comes in handy for slicing salami.  Not really good for cheese.  Did not want to spend the extra for a slicer that would do cheese.  For the pill meat we freeze the roast for several hours.  Cuts easier and better.

After that will come supper followed by some reading and TV.

I swear it don't get no better! 

 on: December 28, 2019, 06:04:50 am 
Started by Fuzzy - Last post by Steve E.
And to you and your family Merry Christmas and a Great New Year!  Loved your card.

 on: December 26, 2019, 11:23:28 pm 
Started by Fuzzy - Last post by Fuzzy
A big thank you to all those that sent cards this Christmas it was appreciated. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all from me 'n' Dez.

 on: December 05, 2019, 06:34:43 am 
Started by Steve E. - Last post by Steve E.
So today you get two weeks worth of "Tuesday".

Last week I got up around 0515.  Staggered into the shower and got woke up...with a warm water shower.  Not into that cold water "invigorating" style.  So why did I get up so early you ask.  Simple a friend was picking me up at 0630 for a trip north.  We had an appointment to make in Klamath Falls, Oregon at 1100.  We had to make the appointment about 3 months ago.  With the forecast weather for the travel area, we wanted to have plenty of time for the trip.  Anyhow it was about 0645 when we left my home.  Up I-5 to Hwy 97 to K Falls we went. 

I-5 was good for traveling.  97 okay for the first 30 miles and then it started to spit snow.  But we made it to the location area around 0930.  Instead of finding a coffee shop, we decided to at least ask if we could be seen early.  The folks there were very welcoming and said of course they would see us then.  Some paperwork to hand over for their review and a short wait.  Then they called us in one at a time and we were finished about 1030.

So do we grab a bite to eat or head home.  Well since the spitting snow had increased a bit, home won out.  Now it is 70 miles from K Falls to Weed, CA  That took us 3 hours as the snow started to fall a bit harder, plus very high wind gusts.  We fell in behind a semi and had a fairly easy time on road as it broke trail for us.  Then traffic thru Weed was very slow and backed up a little bit where we merged onto I-5.

Back on I-5 there was snow but not too back.  Traffic moving along south towards Redding.  (70 miles to Redding)  Moving that is until Dunsmuir when the snow fall became heavy.  In fact so heavy that north bound traffic was stopped cold (pun intended).  South bound was okay but slow.  It took us 2 hours to go Redding.  Lucky for us we left K Falls when we did because we would have been stopped in Weed due to snow accumulation and spin-out accidents on the freeway.  (you may have read about the freeway closures for that Tuesday 11/26)

Back at home not much to do.  Well I did collect the garbage and put it into the gray cart, the recycle stuff went into the blue cart, and the green waste cart was filled with leaves.  I took all three carts out to the street.  Read a bit then got ready for supper.

Supper was left-overs.  Ravioli, green beans, salad, and french bread.  Good stuff.  Dishes washed we settled down in the front room.  Time to talk about each other's day before it was TV time.  Some re-runs of the Red Skelton show.  Finally bed time for both of us.

This week
was a bit more normal.  Got up around 0700 and hit the shower.  Time to walk Ginger so we headed out for the preserve.  A good walk if a bit cold.  Back at home in time for the handyman to arrive to finish up the fence replacement.  At least as much as we could have done at this time.  The other two fences will require involvement with the neighbors.  As in they will pay for one half of the materials and labor.

While he was working on that project I worked on my check book.  Then I cleaned up my project room.  Time to collect the garbage and put it into the grey cart.  The recycle stuff went into the blue cart.  I no longer have a need for all of the animal watering troughs I used as QT when I was actively buying, raising, and showing koi.  So instead of trying to sell them I thought why not see if the local FFA chapter can use them.  I stopped by the high school district's AG Farm where the chapter is selling Christmas trees and asked them if they could use same.  The answer was an emphatic yes.  I said I would drop them off after if clean and sanitize them.  But first I needed to replace one of the drain plugs that I have misplaced.  I used that drain as a hook up for filtration and can't find the plug.  After asking at the FFA farm I headed to Lowes to buy a new plug.  Then I headed for the grocery store to buy some stuff for supper.  Cube steak, mashed potatoes, sausage gravy, and corn.  I'm doing the cooking tonight as we had run through the leftovers Monday night.  Got started when Kathy made it home.  She jumped right in to help which sure made it easier.  Plus she fed Ginger so I could work on our meal

It was an enjoyable meal. Both the eating and the fixing.  Dishes washed we watched "The Rookie" TV show.  Then bed time for Kathy.  I read for a while and then headed off to bed my self.

I swear it don't get no better!

 on: November 20, 2019, 06:56:49 am 
Started by Steve E. - Last post by Steve E.
Today started off around 0645.  Up and at-em (sort of).  Shower finished and morning meds taken it was time for Ginger's morning walk.  We headed off to the preserve and found our favorite parking space vacant.  Yea!  It is close to the trail and at the end of the parking spots line.  That way I can park over the line and have one half of the parking spot for Ginger to get out and in to the car.  A bit cool this morning, somewhere in the mid 50's.

Walk finished we headed for home.  Plenty of time to open the side gate for the handyman along with time to check morning email.  He shows up just before 0900 and gets to work.  We are working in an area where we will be installing a new gate in the back fence.  So that is taking some time to figure the placement of the gate along with the width size.  Then to make things interesting we have a twisted and bent post(s) to work around.  Work around as in replace to keep the fence line mostly straight.  I leave him to it.

I head inside to load the garbage into the grey cart, the recycle stuff into the blue cart.  Then I start on the front yard with the leaf blower.  Of course first I have to line the trailer with a blue tarp to make it easier to unload the leaves.  That done I complete getting the leaves into a pile.  I then rake them onto a drop cloth for transport to the trailer.  The front yard leaves fill up one half of the trailer.  Then I remember there are a large number of branches from an overgrown shrub/hedge alongside the house.  I had to cut them out of the way for access to a sprinkler repair man.  That took me about 10 trips to the trailer.  The branches laid about 3' above the sides of the trailer...until I strapped them down with my el cheapo ratcheting cargo straps from Harbor Freight.  The strap brings the load down to about 6 inches above the sides.  I then cover the load with a blue tarp so I can head to the transfer station.  I use an elastic cargo net to hold the covering tarp down.  At the transfer station I am informed that their credit/debit card access is not operating.  Luckily I have the cash which makes the lady behind the window happy.  Then I drive to the dump site.  Get the trailer backed in okay and off loaded.  Off loading is easy because all I have to do is unstrap everything, lower the tail gate, grab a hold of the blue tarp liner and pull.  It all slides off the trailer easily.  Then I roll up the straps, cargo net, and tarps prior to heading for home.

The handy man and I confer about the size and location of the gate once again.  He will be working on the gate tomorrow.  Also need two more posts for replacement along with a bag or two more of concrete mix.  The good news is we are about half way finished.  It has been slow going these past few days on the fence building.  What with one thing or another we have only been able to complete 16' each day instead of the planned 32'.  Once the gate is finished we will be able to get back to the 32'.

Handyman leaves for the day.  I move all three carts out to the street.  We-being Kathy had filled the green waste cart with branches and other trimmings on Sunday.  I head inside where I found a message from our computer folks.  It seems my 10 year old laptop will take at least 3 hours to load windows 10.  I can buy a new one for just a little bit more.  Apparently my laptop is very slow operating wise.  So I head off to pick it up and bring it home.  No charge for figuring it out.

I stop off at the corner market to pick up a side dish to go along with our crock pot cooked pork rib meat.  Good stuff leftovers.  Easy supper clean up.  After supper we will chat a bit and probably watch some TV or maybe read.  But at least I this missive finished for this week.

I swear it don't get no better!

 on: November 13, 2019, 12:27:08 pm 
Started by Steve E. - Last post by Steve E.
Hi Pam, me too on the MIA stuff.  Not much has been going on with me lately...besides of course taking out the garbage.  One of the Hallmark channels was running episodes of Fraiser for awhile but seems to have ended that run.  Kathy found some reruns of Red Skelton's show.  Different times and a different style of comedy.  Have been enjoying them all the same.  Back to our regularly scheduled program...

I woke up around 0700 this morning.  That is about the time the sun rises enough to wake me up lately.  Hit the shower and got dressed for the day's activities.  Kathy had already fed Ginger her morning meal, so she was ready for her morning walk.  We headed out for the preserve.  It was a good walk, a bit cool but not cold.  The weather has been interesting lately.  NO rain since March I think.  Fall weather has been interesting too.  Daytime high in the low 80's with overnight temps in the 40's.

Got back home in time to meet our handyman.  He started on replacing our back fence today.  Some 225 feet need to be replaced.  I am helping a bit too.  He is doing the replacement of the the cross pieces, sets the boards, and I finish screwing them tight.  We are using doug fir pressure treated 2 X 4's for the cross pieces.  Hopefully this will help the fence last longer than we will be here.  We are doing the fence in 32 foot sections.  Figure that is about as much as we can do in one day.

Since I am not needed constantly in the construction I was able to get some other stuff done.  Like empty the garbage cans into the gray cart.  The recycle stuff into the blue cart.  The green waste is not yet filled up, later today.  After the garbage collection I headed out to Los Gordos for lunch.  My usual fish taco.  Just good plain food that is very tasty.  After lunch I headed for my local drug store to order refills for my meds.  I have them all on the same time frame so it makes for just one trip.

Back at home it was time for me to start to contribute to the fence construction.  Drill in hand and screws in a belt pouch I began.  Since we are using 1 X 8 X 6' boards they take three screws for each cross piece.  Hopefully that cut down on any cupping of the boards as they dry out.  These first two sections of 16' each were the hardest.  We had to work alongside a storage shed I put up many moons ago.  So the space was tight to work in, which slowed us down a bit.  Tomorrow should be different.  But finished for the day we picked up our tools and our handyman headed for home.

Me, I picked up the leaf blower and started on the front yard.  Yep, while the weather is different this year, the falling leaves need to be picked up.  While I was clearing the yard, Kathy arrived home.  Finally all in one pile I moved the green waste cart close so I could load it.  Kathy came out to help.  She picks up the leaves and dumps them into the cart while I compact them.  I use a medium garbage can of the heavy plastic type.  It is round and fits into the cart.  We fill the cart and still have leaves in the pile.  So I grab the gray cart and we finish picking up leaves for disposal.  All three carts are now in the street for pick up tomorrow morning.

We could have another green waste cart but the city is now charging and extra $4 per month. Just Not Worth it for the 8 months of the year it doesn't get used.  From November thru January I can haul leaves to the city transfer station for free.  Right now the trailer is half full of trashy stuff so it is not available for a leaf run.  Soon as I can get to the transfer station it will be empty.  Then I line it with a cheap blue tarp and load leaves.  Of course they need to be compacted.  After about a month of loading leaves the trailer is ready for a trip to the transfer station.

Time for supper.  An excellent meal of leftover beef stew.  Kathy fixed it the other night and it is very tasty.  Plus leftovers make for an easy meal fix.  No desert for me tonight.  After dishes are rinsed and put in the dishwasher it is time for some TV.  Recorded half hour shows for us tonight.  Re-runs of current comedies.  Kathy heads off to bed.  I sit down to write this missive as I have actually been busy today.

I swear it don't get no better!

 on: October 17, 2019, 05:38:04 pm 
Started by Steve E. - Last post by SimplyPam
Hey Steve, I've been MIA for awhile and skipped to the last page of posts. I didn't know that Frasier was still running!

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